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Land Lotus Juzám – Magic: The Gathering `95

Greetings Wizards and Mages of all ages:
    We are proud to announce the premiere competitive event of the century, The Conference of Professionals 1995. This year, it will take place in New York City where duelists will battle across the dueling ground head-to-head with rigorous Magic action. Former Tournament of Professional winner championship "Juzam" Jim Davis and our color commentating expert Randy "Rampage: 2" Nelson are in the booth to provide expert informed commentary on the matches.
APRIL 4th, 1995 - 6:30pm
Twenty-Sided Store
362 Grand St. Brooklyn NY 11222
Entry Fee TBD
1st Place is a Juzam Djinn spell from Arabian Nights.
2nd through 4th TBD (old-school packs and other surprises)
The Tournament of Professionals 1995
Back in September 1995, we hosted the Tournament of Professionals 1995. Taking place earlier this year just outside Orlando, FL our duelists jammed into the convention center for 14 hours of straight dueling action. Only one duelist was crowned the the new championship professional. Who was it??

Check out the final match between duelists Justin Beckert and Li Xu as two collide in the nerve wrecking finals match. Only one winner can be crowned the new champion professional!